The following are honest testimonials from clients whose lives have been touched through the use of natural options for hypothyroidism, menopause and stress. We invite you to take a moment to read what they are saying.

“My PMS was getting soo bad I could hardly stand myself for 2 weeks each month. Once I started on bioidentical Progesterone and PMS vitamins my symptoms lessened each month. By my 3rd period after starting it I could hardly tell that my period was coming. I love my new vitamins and Progesterone as they have taken my horrible periods away!”
Alyssa, Age 25, Wausau
“Ever since the birth of my baby two years ago I think my hormone levels have been off. I went to Randi’s class and realized that I had hormone imbalance symptoms – I felt exhausted, could not stay asleep, couldn’t lose the weight I gained when pregnant, was really moody. I did the testing and found out I my hormones were off. Once I got on the right hormone combination I felt like myself again. I hope other women don’t ignore their symptoms. We all deserve to feel great – for ourselves and for our families! Get tested and see what can be done to help you feel better!”
Annie, Age 35, Appleton
“Finally – I found someone who really understands! My doctor could not find anything wrong even though I felt tired and irritable all the time. Then I went to Randi and she tested my hormones. My estrogen was high and my progesterone and testosterone were low. After starting natural/bioidentical progesterone and testosterone I am sleeping great and my mood swings and irritability are gone. I tell everyone I know to see Randi Mann!”
Cathy, Age 37, De Pere
“I feel soooo much better seeing someone so passionate and certified in hormone and menopause care and knowing that my hormone levels will be monitored and followed carefully while I am taking hormone medications. I can tell you since coming to WWW my symptoms are soooo much better and my family and I are all very appreciative!”
Diana, Age 49, Suamico
“I am a nurse and thought I knew it all. Randi offered me new ideas on how to deal with my health concerns than just treat my symptoms. She helped to get to the cause of my anxiety and insomnia – things like my hormones being out of whack, poor diet and too much stress. She helped me understand how everything is connected and what I can do about it. Go see her. You will be very glad you did!”
Debbie, Age 50, Sturgeon Bay
“I have not felt this good in years. What a difference simply having balanced hormones makes! Now I understand my body and my symptoms. Randi prescribed natural/bioidentical hormones in the doses that I need (not a one-size-fits-all dose) and I feel like myself again.”
Jenny, Age 51, Green Bay
“I was feeling soo awful before I saw Randi. Now I have my life back! I am soo grateful for her expertise and compassion. She taught me the importance of taking care of me (without feeling guilty!). She offers both traditional and non-traditional treatment. I left my first visit with a written personalized wellness plan.”
Judy, Age 59, Pulaski
“For years I’ve spent thousands of dollars buying things for my family to “have fun”…pools, boats, vacations, etc. It was hard for me to understand what my wife Cindy was going through. The best investment we’ve made was to have her checked out by WWW and get her health back on track. Now I feel like I have my wife back.”
Jim, Age 54, Neenah

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