Our Clients Say It Best! Check Out These Testimonials:

The following are honest testimonials from clients whose lives have been touched through the use of natural options for hypothyroidism, menopause and stress. We invite you to take a moment to read what they are saying.

VFit Plus: I have started using the VFit Plus device and it is like a miracle. It’s so amazing. I can have sex now without pain and my bladder doesn’t leak any more. Who would think that heat and light and vibration could do this and make such a difference!
~ D.T., Age 62

Perimenopause: I was feeling exhausted, irritable and could not sleep. I just could not lose weight no matter what I tried. I was frustrated and doubtful that any one could help me because I had been to so many doctors before coming to WWW. After I met with Randi and I started my program, I realized how unique and effective their approach was to thyroid and hormone disorders. She looked at my diet, nutritional status, lifestyle habits and test results and put together a plan just for me (not a one size fits all plan) and offered me a lot of education and support. I have now lost over 20 pounds, my clothes fit and my outlook on life is good again. I don’t know where I would be if I had not come to WWW. Thank you Randi and team!
~ J.R., age 49

Recover from Stress

Menopause: Wise Woman Wellness has helped me by giving me hope and getting rid of my awful hot flashes and night sweats. I am so glad I finally found a source of knowledge and answers for caring for myself through the challenges of menopause. My overall experience has been very positive. Randi has a terrific professional and confident approach sharing her vast knowledge about hormones and her process of helping me become a “wise woman“. I tell all my friends I have finally found a knowledgeable proactive women’s health specialist who knows how to help me stay as well as possible for now and many years to come. Randi‘s results oriented solutions are refreshing to discover and I now have hope to live well through this chapter of my life.
~ D.N., Age 56

Perimenopause: Wise woman wellness has helped me get my hormones regulated and I can’t believe how much better I feel. Randi’s 90 minute seminar was wonderful and really spoke to me. She has helped me obtain goals of better sleep, weight loss, better libido and more energy. She taught me how to avoid the toxins that were making me sick. My personal supplement and hormone plan has worked so well. My experience at the clinic has been stellar. I have called with questions and Randi and her staff are more than happy to answer them promptly. I have sent my daughter there too. I highly recommend WWW.
~ N. E., age 40


PCOS: I am so glad I came to WWW. I have PCOS and did not find much help from my regular doctor. Dr. Burnham taught me a lot of things I can do to manage my symptoms and gave me hope that I could get better, lose some weight, improve my acne and food cravings and feel better. This is a big deal and everyone who has PCOS needs a hormone specialist to help them.
~ C.K. Age 27

Immune Support Program: I started the Immune Support Program to help me not get sick this winter like I usually do. I love how easy it is to take the combination of the most studied immune boosting mushrooms, herbs, vitamins and minerals all in one packet. I even found my longstanding sinus issues went away. And I have not had any viruses this year!
~ A.H. Age 29

Thyroid: I am so happy I found Randi and WWW! I am so glad I came to her as she is the only one who has helped me get my thyroid fixed. I  had so many thyroid symptoms  – was so exhausted, cold, could not lose any weight no matter what I tried, my joints hurt, I had dry skin and was losing so much hair I thought I might eventually go bald. I was so frustrated by the thyroid care I was “not receiving” at my regular doctor’s office.  Every year I would ask my doctor to test my thyroid and every year I will told my TSH result was “normal” so I did not have a thyroid issue. Randi listened to me, talked to me about my symptoms, tested 10 different blood tests and my reflex speed and she found I WAS hypothyroid. She started me on thyroid medication and in just a few weeks I felt so much better. She digs deeper than regular doctors to figure out what is wrong with you. She recommended supplements to help my thyroid gland work better too and I feel like a new woman!
~ S. W., Age 37

Menopause: Wise Woman Wellness has helped me so much. I was suffering from fatigue, body aches, hair loss, bloating, inability to sleep. I had stopped believing that anyone could even help me. My program has made me feel better than I could’ve ever believed. I have more healing to do and continue to improve today. Life feels much easier. I’m able to enjoy life once again. Randi is professional, thorough, compassionate and an amazing practitioner who cares deeply for her patients. Her team is always there to answer questions. I never have to worry about being overlooked or lost in the shuffle. I can reach out anytime for support. I told my friends Randi has gotten to the bottom of things that even other specialists have not. Her experience is worth the investment. I’m grateful that my health is back!
~ E.A., Age 56


Menopause: Oh I’m so happy that my mood swings, my night sweats and my vaginal dryness are gone. This was such a welcome relief. I find the staff and Randi so empathetic and eager to help, such good listeners and so interested to find solutions to my every concern or complaint. I recommend Wise Woman Wellness to all my friends and I say whatever your hormone concerns or problems they have a myriad of solutions at their fingertips to improve the quality of your life. I’m so glad I went there!
~ T.B. Age 63

Sexual Health/Menopause: I’ve suffered from vaginal atrophy and dryness for 10 years, had tried many different things and nothing completely helped. After being two weeks on bio identical hormones, I’m 100% pain-free, no burning. I feel like I did when I was younger. At Wise Woman they listen to you and take test to see what you need. I would recommend any woman experiencing issues to stop settling for feeling so-so and take your life back, you are so worth it.
~ S.S. Age 63

Gut Health: I was so uncomfortable with bloating and constipation almost all the time and just felt miserable every time I would eat. I saw Dr. Burnham and she did testing to figure out my food sensitivities and that my gut bacteria was out of whack. She told me that I had a leaky gut that was making me feel sick. She prescribed the right diet and supplements to help me and now my stomach is working great and my energy is back. I love that Dr. Burnham knows a lot about functional medicine as this is the only thing that has helped me to feel better.
~ F.H. Age 40

Women's Health

Perimenopause: I recently started my program and my first word to describe everything is relief. Relief that I have someone who is really listening to me. Relief that I have someone who is willing to run the test that I’ve asked for multiple times before coming to Wise Woman Wellness. Relief that I’m finally getting the help I need. Relief that my mood swings and anxiety are gone. I have more energy and am more present with my children. I feel like I have a good life again. I’ve always been worried to spend money on myself but this is one area that is worth it and I’m so glad I did. Randi and her team are great and listen to your needs.
~ L.L., Age 45

Bioidentical Hormones

Menopause: I am very pleased with the benefits of the hormone creams and thyroid medication as I’m also being treated for thyroid issues. I have noticed I am less moody, crabby, tearful, depressed (I’ve always cried at the drop of a hat), my hot flashes and night sweats are gone and I’m noticing more energy and sleeping better. The staff is wonderful and Randi is easy to talk with. I’ve talked with her over the phone and hope to meet her in person once the pandemic is over. Everyone else is always helpful and eager to solve any issues I may be having. I have highly recommended WWW to my friends. As women we all deserve to feel better and put ourselves first for once.
~ E. N., Age 53

Menopause: I recommend Wise Woman Wellness to all of my girlfriends. I’m a little older than many of them and tell them don’t wait until your system is out of whack to go. Go see Randi now and she will get you on track so that when you hit this time of life you will go through it with no problems. Randi is very down to earth and makes you feel very comfortable and talking about very personal sexual issues.
~ T. S. Age 55


PMS: I had PMS, tender breasts for days, bloating, insomnia, anxiety and depression and was under a lot of stress. WWW helped me a lot by prescribing the hormone creams which have been awesome. I’m now getting a good nights sleep and I feel so much better. WWW also taught me a lot about how stress affects my body and the ideas to use to when I am stressed to deal with it better. My supplements have been a big help too. I have recommended WWW to a lot of my friends.
~ P. B. Age 36

Menopause: My doctor did not believe in hormone therapy and said is was dangerous. Randi has extensive hormone training from the best hormone experts in the world and is a certified menopause practitioner. After going to Randi’s virtual class, I found out that my doctor’s view was outdated and his fears were exaggerated. I am not afraid of taking hormones as I know their benefits now. I have no family history of cancer but do have family members with heart issues and osteoporosis so I have a much higher chance of falling and breaking a hip or having heart disease at a younger age if I have low hormone levels. I trust Randi and her knowledge and she taught me that balanced hormones are good for my heart, bone and brain health, memory, mood and skin. I am so glad I found Randi and WWW to help me take bioidentical hormones at doses made just right for me. I want to be well now and in the future as long as I can as I have a lot of living left to do.
~ K.L. Age 58