Not all nutritional supplements are created equal!

It is very difficult to know if a supplement is high quality or not by simply reading the label. Many supplements may be ineffective or even contaminated. The raw ingredients, binders and fillers used to create vitamins or supplements are extremely important! Some supplement manufacturers actually use fillers that are considered dangerous for our bodies. One of the biggest issues of most binders and fillers is what it does to the absorption of the nutrients within the supplement. If your body identifies these binders and fillers as something it doesn’t want or need (which it doesn’t), then it will block absorption and the valuable nutrients can be blocked as well. The supplement must be absorbed into our cells to work.

Wise Woman Wellness carries only the highest-quality supplements to remove the guess work for our patients.

We work with the best supplement companies in the industry and only carry  professional/pharmaceutical grade supplements and nutraceuticals. Our supplements are proven to be bio-available to the body. Our supplements are free of common allergens and contain no added sugar, salt, wheat, corn, preservatives, artificial colors, or flavorings.

Every supplement we carry has been formulated from human clinical trials and is therapeutically formulated and made following the highest manufacturing standards. Every lot of each supplement is tested for bacteria, heavy metals, pesticides, stability, potency, and adulteration.

Why does supplement quality matter?

It is very important that every supplement you take be formulated and manufactured properly to obtain safe and predictable results. Nutrients are required by the body in the proper amounts, forms and approximate ratios for critical and innumerable physiologic functions. If nutrients are lacking the body cannot function normally, let alone optimally. Long term deficiencies can contribute to the development of many diseases such as osteoporosis, cancer and heart disease. We carefully chose appropriate supplements to support you while healing and to help you stay well.

Supplements are an important part of each patient’s treatment plan and long term wellness.

How to find Quality Vitamins & Supplements?

First ask us! We have reviewed the literature and researched the best quality products.

Wise Woman Wellness Recommends Several Product Lines

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