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You’re not crazy, it’s your hormones! Hormones affect how you look, feel and function. Our hormones start to decline in our 30’s but the great news is you can boost and balance your hormones, naturally.

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“It is amazing the power of the hormone shifts, supplements, and diet and lifestyle changes. I can totally tell a difference now that ALL my hormones are balanced. I did not know that they played such a big part in why I was not feeling well. I am so glad I found Wise Woman Wellness and they helped me figure myself out. I thought that I was going crazy. Even though my regular doctor told me I was fine, I was not. I had both low thyroid and female hormone issues. They tested my female and stress hormone levels. They used cutting edge, advanced thyroid testing to uncover my thyroid problem even though my TSH test result was normal. They created a whole program to help me feel better using natural hormones and helped me improve my diet and some bad habits. I love how I am feeling now! Thank goodness we have such a renowned, wonderful hormone center here in De Pere, WI!”

~ Jill, Age 46

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