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Are you ready to fix your gut, detox from the holidays, lose some weight, and get more energy and reduce your stress? 

Start your year off right! Join us for 3 hours that will transform your life in ways you cannot yet imagine. This event will be filled with great information and inspiration to help you make permanent, positive changes in your life. There will be three 45 minute presentations along with Q&A by three amazing, intelligent and entertaining women; Experts in holistic, functional medicine, self-care and personal growth.

Do you know if your thyroid is working properly? COME GET TESTED and see if it’s functioning the way it should! ($89.95 value)

Want More Energy? with Randi Mann: WHNP-BC, NCMP, APNP Women’s Health & Hormone Expert at Wise Woman Wellness
Been Told You Don’t Have a Thyroid Condition Because Your Blood Work Was Normal yet you feel tired, cold, are losing hair and gaining weight? Learn how these and many other symptoms can be related to thyroid dysfunction and how your doctor probably missed it! Come learn about cutting edge thyroid testing and treatment and get a free FDA approved thyroid reflex test at the event!

Detox with Amy Daily: MSN, CNM, APNP, Women’s Health & Hormone Expert at Wise Woman Wellness
Eliminate Toxins from Your Body – how to regain energy, sleep better, banish brain fog and jump start weight loss.

Stress to Strength with Ronda Stevens: MA, LMFT – Holistic Life & Wellness Coach at Ready, Set, Live
Increase confidence, resiliency and inner peace.

Attendees also receive a free eBook “Gluten and Going Gluten Free” by Randi Mann, NP ($29 value)

Tantalize your taste buds with gluten-free treats and light refreshments!