About Wise Woman Wellness

Our practitioners are dedicated to offering you a cutting-edge functional medicine approach to your healing. Randi is an expert in the use of bioidentical hormones; prescribed in doses made specifically for you at a center designed around the needs of women.

To complement our hormone expertise, we offer women naturopathic medicine provided by Dr. Alyssa Burnham, Naturopathic Doctor,  who specializes in women’s health across the lifespan. She has a wealth of training and expertise in naturopathic medicine and integrative women’s health services. Instead of prescription drugs, she recommends many non- prescription solutions that work very well or better – something so many women are seeking today. Typical recommendations may include use of herbs and botanical medicine, clinical nutrition, lifestyle and mindfulness practices, nutraceuticals and supplements.

Women's Health Needs

You will find our center to be a comfortable, inviting and confidential environment with a dedicated, caring staff ready to serve you.

Randi Mann


Alyssa Burnham ND

Alyssa Burnham, ND