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Sometimes it is hard to figure out why you are not feeling well. Your hormones may be the cause!

  • Are your female (estrogen, progesterone, testosterone) hormone levels low or out of balance?
  • Are you tired and wonder if you have adrenal issues or a thyroid problem (even if your thyroid blood test results were “normal”)?
  • Could your symptoms be from food sensitivities or digestive issues? Please take our simple quizzes to learn more.

Let us help… by sharing our considerable expertise and knowledge, spending ample time carefully listening to your concerns and ordering tests to discern the root cause(s) of your issues to create your unique, personalized treatment plan …. We promise to help you feel like yourself again quickly.

We confidently know this because we have helped over 10,000 women get rid of their hot flashes, night sweats, low sex drive, insomnia, fatigue, vaginal dryness, weight gain and more!


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At Wise Woman Wellness we listen, we care and we can help…

We have over twenty years of experience prescribing both standardized dosed and compounded, customized dosed bio-identical hormones plus thyroid medications and offer medical care that combines conventional, integrative and functional medical solutions.

Randi Mann, Women’s Health Nurse Practitioner and owner, is credentialed as a NAMS Certified Menopause Practitioner through the premiere North American Menopause Society, 1 of 17 in Wisconsin and less than 700 worldwide, and has served women throughout the USA for over thirty three years.

You deserve experts who can give you the time and best that conventional and functional medicine has to offer!

Join us at our next End Hormone Havoc seminar and learn about our highly successful, holistic program offerings and actions you can begin today to feel better! It’s the best first step to become a Wise Woman Wellness patient and get you on your path to feeling great!


We Listen, We Care, We Help!


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